Advanced and Multi-Axis Machining


Advanced GibbsCAM and Multi-Axis Machining consists of the following two courses:

Advanced Concepts (First Two Days)

This course covers 2.5D and 3D Machining, Advanced Strategies, Best Practices, Machine Simulation, Boundary machining techniques, Connect Move Control, Creating 3D Surfaces and Solids, Customize GibbsCAM Interface, Entry Exit Style/Trimming/Retracts, Facet Bodies/STL Files, Feature Based Machining, Hole Manager, MTM Concepts, Operation Manager/Process Manager, Rotary Milling, Volumill for Solids, and more.

Multi-Axis Machining (Second Two Days)

This course covers a variety of different methods and cutting styles to program 4 and 5 axis machines. Learn to control all aspects of the tool axis, including tilting options to produce high quality surface finishes. The course covers collision checking methods and avoidance strategies to address collision situations. Learn parallel cuts, cut along curve, project curve, parallel to surface, and morph between two surfaces. Swarf machining methods and various other cutting styles will also be covered.


GibbsCAM Essentials

Course Hours

4 days, 7.5 hours/day, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM




$ 1,600

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