GibbsCAM Essentials Training

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Welcome to GibbsCAM Essentials Training Survey

A) Content:
Please let us know if the following items were covered and understood? Note: some items may not have been shown during the course. Please rate out of 4:

1. I did not see it or I do not understand it.
2. I understand very little.
3. I have an okay understanding.
4. I understand this item thoroughly.

1. Overview of the GibbsCAM Interface

2. Drawing using the Geometry Creation Pallet

3. Viewing Options

4. Transform/Duplicate geometry

5. Tool Creation

6. Process creation

7. Operation Creation

8. Introduction to Coordinate Systems

9. Documentation

10. Set Up Preferences

11. Workgroups

12. Toolpath Generation – Milling

13. Toolpath Generation – Holes

14. Toolpath Generation - Turning

15. Save Tool List and Process List

16. 4-axis Positional Machining

17. 4-axis Cylindrical Machining

18. VoluMill™

19. Operation Simulation

B) Quality: Please rate out of 4
1. Not Good
2. Just Okay (not good, not bad)
3. Good
4. Great

20. How clear did the instructor’s screen appear?

21. How clear could you hear the instructor?

22. How was the pacing of the lessons?

23. Did you feel comfortable with asking for help?

24. If someone asked a question, was it addressed quickly?

25. Did you feel the instructors gave thorough answers to questions?

26. Please rate this online training format versus a classroom?

27. Please rate this online training format versus pre-recorded videos?

28. Would you recommend our live online training to someone in need of GibbsCAM training?

29. Would you like to attend more advanced courses taught in the same format?

30. Do you feel that there was enough interaction with other students?

C) Please comment:

How can we improve our courses?

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