Lots of Support Options

WestCAM provides a full range of technical support: by phone, online, or on-site.

Certified Technicians

Our Support Technicians are machinists themselves, so they know how to help.

We Track It Until It’s Resolved

Our support database tracks each and every concern until it is fully resolved.

WestCAM has a variety of training options

Expert Support With WestCAM

Supporting your shop is our number one priority. All of our certified technicians are also machinists, so they’ve been in your shoes and know how to help. Every issue is tracked until it is fully resolved, so we never leave you hanging.

We are here to help!
Call, email, or simply submit a ticket to our support ticketing system and help will be on the way.

Post Processor Modifications

Request a post processor to your exact specifications, eliminating the need for editing and guaranteeing error-free output. Getting your post processor modified is a simple and easy process. Call us with any questions toll-free at 1-888-530-6068.

GibbsCAM Tech Tips

Monthly GibbsCAM Tech Tips deliver tips and tricks to make you a better, more efficient programmer. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a tip!

More GibbsCAM Resources

Free GibbsCAM Webinars

GibbsCAM webinars give you a deep-dive into the powerful capabilities of individual GibbsCAM options. Learn more about how GibbsCAM simplifies all types CNC programming.